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Those of you who have been looking forward to acquiring a Shiny Eternatus in Pokemon Sword & Shield on the Nintendo Switch family of systems should be made aware that the distribution event has started today. If you live in the United States or Canada you will need to visit your local GameStop store. Those of you in Australia and New Zealand can obtain the Shiny Eternatus from EB Games. The event runs from today until 1st October, 2022, so head on down to your local store.
I will never let Chris Hackney steal my Eternatus. If he wants pokemon games, he should buy his own.
Do i even wanna ask what you are even talking about?
I will gladly buy your Pokémon games today for a dollar to sell the nostalgia back to you in 20 years for 100x the price
What does a private matter have anything to do with this article?
Least it’s not another murderous “death to Hau because they be tryin to steal my waifu from me” idiot.
You can’t get more than one even if you use different codes. What a shame.
LMAO to the comments
Ummm I’m a 36 year old health care professional who works 70 hrs a week. I don’t have time to go to GameStop. Wtf. Just give us a damn code.
…then you don’t have time to play pokemon, lol
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